Northeast Ohio asphalt paving
Perrin is the asphalt paving contractor of choice for roadways and other paving projects throughout Northeast Ohio.

Our asphalt paving services fall into four main categories:

  • New paving
Whatever your requirement, you can rest assured that Perrin’s experienced staff will review your project carefully and provide the right solution, from the base up. Without a good base, there’s no way to produce a good final product.

Our new asphalt paving projects run the gamut from factory parking lots to golf cart paths, as well as:

  • Tennis courts
  • Hike/bike trails
  • Running tracks
  • Walking paths
  • Curbing
  • Drainage
  • Roadways
We always use job-specific materials, incorporating recycled asphalt and concrete as often as possible and purchasing new asphalt from ODOT-certified sources.

On larger projects, we keep an extra paver on site, in case of problems with the paver in use. Preventive measures like this help save time and money on our customers’ projects.

With 400+ pieces of equipment in inventory, our customers can be assured that we have the equipment and expertise needed for their asphalt paving.

Contact Perrin now for more information on our asphalt paving services.